About Our Company

ERP in the apparel and textile industry is used for apparel and footwear designing, production, and supply chain management. Our software solution ensures time and cost efficiencies, visibility and functionality along each progression of process from idea to delivery. Our software allows you direct access to detailed data of online orders, draft quick query responses, effective control and monitoring of operations, plan and schedule orders accurately and predict data more effectively.

Fields of Specialization

Pentagon offers a specialized management software solutions package which is industry-specific to the apparel and textile category. Instead of focusing solely on inventory management, Pentagon’s software can streamline and manage each aspect of the apparel operation, from pattern management, coordination and core accounting.


High Quality Support

The software can be customized to suit your needs depending on whether you operate in retailing, manufacturing or sourcing. Our product will reduce overall costs and increase operational efficiency within the organization.


  • ERP helps in streamlining your Business Process and Workflows
  • It helps you in better customer support and services
  • You gain real time data from various departments allowing quick and powerful decision making
  • Reduce paper work, duplication of entries and Manual entries.
  • Purchase module is well integrated with the Production Planning and Inventory Control Modules
    and also the supply chain process.
  • Materials planning module in resource provides a collaborative environment for performing manufacturing tasks.