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About Our Company

This is about managing student information on a day to day basis, in a school or college. A student management system (SMS) is software that allows you to record and manage all relevant information about current and prospective students of an educational institution.

What We Do Best

There are different types of Vendors today, also offer tailored student management systems to meet the unique requirements of a school.

Fields of Specialization

When it comes to colleges there will be more pressures in recording a well done student management system in the process of begins with a student registration to student’s scholarship details when She/he leaves the college. And the main things as reports, student attendance, time table and marks scheme records etc.


What we offer

We are offering a system specially designed to manage your college. Specta allows extensive changes to not input forms and queries/reports but also to entire processes, without any programming!

  • Specially designed for manage your institute
  • Maintain scholarship details track of each student’s information
  • Handles important process like attendance & marks semester wise
  • Includes yearend process like promotion
  • Helps to prepare time table
  • Supports SMS features
  • Backlog/Arrears are handled