Specta ERP is an integrated business automation software specially designed for tea manufacturing industries. Our customizable system is the best possible solution for any tea manufacturing organization wishing to automate or revamp its current systems. The innovative system covers every area of operations for a tea factory and tea manufacturer from green leaf purchased to sales, asset management and depreciation, payroll systems, inventory control, transport management and more.


With this system, the entire process of production from the point of purchasing tea leaves from the estates to the point of shipping the finished product is automated, resulting in a huge cost and time savings and standardizing quality. The software works effortlessly as one product to provide a seamless user interface and user experience.


Axpert Tea ERP enables integration of all functional business units to provide seamless flow. The workflow driven approach will eliminate deviations on your process do not change your process customize as per your process. Get business insights and widgets like never before, and with hassle free integrations using 3rd party applications.



  • Customer i-Portal
  • Supplier i-Portal
  • Auction Tea Purchase Module
  • General/Local Purchase Module
  • Import Purchase Module
  • Pre-Costing Module
  • Finance Module (GL/AR/AP  & Fixed Asset)
  • Local/Export Sales Modules
  • Inventory Management Module
  • Shipping Module
  • Production Module (Blending Operation/ Flavoring / Packing )
  • Production Planning & Scheduling (Preactor)
  • Quality Control & Maintenance Module
  • Business Intelligence (Qlik)
  • Budgeting Planning (Jedox)
Reduce Expenses

High Quality Support

Our team will visit you, study your whole system on how things work. Our 100% customization software solution is the best possible solution you can ask for any tea factory which is wants to automate or renew its current system be it from any stage it is now. We guarantee our highly innovative system covers every aspect of a tea factory and tea manufacturer from green leaf purchased to sales.

Why choose us?:

  • 10+ years industrial experience on implementing ERP solutions for Tea manufacturing.
  • High retention on existing customers with high profile maintenance.
  • On time implementation with detailed project scope.
  • Modified Agile implementation methodology.
  • On premises and cloud solutions.
  • Workflow driven with approval levels and email notifications.




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